Symphony Spotlight 🌟

How Tiktok & Symphony Pre-Saves Led to Community Building

From Pre-Saves to Personal Connections πŸ‘₯

Today's Symphony Spotlight shines on Bobby DeMario's innovative approach to fan engagement. By leveraging Symphony's pre-save feature in a unique way, Bobby transformed the simple act of pre-saving music into an immersive fan experience. His journey underscores the power of creative marketing and the importance of giving fans a meaningful way to enter an artist's world.


Let’s Break it Down ⬇️

  • πŸ’‘ How Symphony's pre-save feature became the gateway to Bobby's fan community

  • 🌐 The innovative strategy that combined TikTok Live with Symphony's pre-save tool

  • πŸ“Š The impressive results of creating a direct, personal connection with fans

The Idea πŸ’‘

Bobby DeMario was on a mission to create more than just pre-saves; he wanted to build a dedicated fan community. While most artists use pre-saves solely for streaming numbers, Bobby saw an opportunity to forge deeper connections. He needed a tool that could bridge the gap between pre-saves and direct fan interaction.

The Strategy πŸš€

Bobby's approach was truly innovative. He leveraged Symphony's pre-save feature as a gateway to a unique fan experience. Instead of directing fans to a traditional website after pre-saving, Bobby invited them to join a Snapchat group chat. This strategy allowed him to interact with fans directly, creating a personal touch that went beyond typical artist-fan relationships.

To drive traffic to his pre-save link, Bobby utilized TikTok Live. He engaged with viewers in real-time, sharing his music and encouraging pre-saves. This combination of Symphony's pre-save tool and TikTok's algorithm created a powerful funnel for community building.

The Results πŸ“ˆ

  • Thriving Community: Bobby built a Snapchat group chat with over 200 active users from zero through pre-saves πŸ†

  • Fan Participation: The group chat became a space for fans to contribute ideas for merch and actively participate in Bobby's artistic journey πŸ‘•

  • Increased Engagement: The personal interactions fostered through this approach helped Bobby cultivate a loyal fanbase invested in his music and career ⭐️

  • +90.8% Increase in Connected Fans

  • 951 Forever Saves and fan data collected

  • +92.6% Increase in Spotify Monthly Listeners

  • +249.4% Increase in Spotify Followers

The Symphony Impact 🎯

Symphony's Pre-Save feature provided the foundation for Bobby's innovative strategy. By offering a flexible tool that could be integrated with other platforms, Symphony enabled Bobby to create a unique fan experience that went beyond traditional pre-save campaigns and helped him go beyond just streaming numbers.

β€œSymphony's pre-save feature was the key to unlocking a whole new level of fan engagement for me. It allowed me to not just promote my music, but to create a real community around it. The ability to direct fans to my Snapchat group after pre-saving was a game-changer. It's not just about the numbers anymore; it's about building real connections with the people who support my music."

- Bobby DeMario

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