Symphony University Episode 5: How to Negotiate a Good Deal

ft. Karl Fowlkes, Entertainment Lawyer

Navigating entertainment deals demands expertise and innovation. Just as crafting a great song is key to an artist's career, understanding the art of negotiation in deal-making is pivotal for an artist’s career choices.

Class is back in session 🎓 as we welcome an award-winning entertainment lawyer who has negotiated over a combined $60 million worth of deals for artists, music producers, joint ventures and innovative record companies.

Join us Tuesday January 30th at 1pm EST for our fifth Symphony University session: How to Negotiate a Good Deal, presented by Karl Fowlkes, Esq. who has negotiated deals for top talent amassing billions of streams, RIAA certifications, and Grammy awards ⭐️

This is going to be a significant class as Karl also brings a deep understanding of the music landscape as an equity partner in EVGLE LLC, home to chart-topping artist Blxst.

Karl will be open-sourcing valuable insights, beneficial for everyone in the music scene, from producers, to artists, and even record companies. Get your notepad ready — this is going to be a note-worthy session ✍️

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