Today: Best Facebook Account Set Up Webinar

Presented by Symphony Playbook Experts

Don't let an incomplete Facebook setup block you from connecting with your biggest fans 🚀

In this masterclass we will guide you through every essential configuration step. From linking accounts to installing the Facebook Pixel, you'll check all the crucial boxes for successful campaigns 🌟

Join us Today, at 5 pm EST for a webinar focused on Best Facebook Account Set Up with SymphonyOS hosted by Symphony’s playbook experts, Bo & Drew.

A well-configured Facebook account set up will allow you to:

  • Fine-tune ads to target fans most likely to engage with your content and take your desired actions 📈

  • Unlock the full potential of advanced Symphony features designed to enhance your music marketing strategies 🎯

  • Increase engagement and connection with your fanbase 🌟

Webinar Details 👇

📅 When: Today, June 6th

⏰ Time: 5 PM EST

Tune in monthly as we continue to host webinars diving into different playbooks you can use to make a living off your passion right on Symphony 🚀

See you there!