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Insights from our CEO Megh's exclusive podcast appearance

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Our CEO, Megh, recently dropped some serious game on the 200th episode of the "One More Time Podcast" 🎙️ This episode might need to go down as a playbook of insights and actionable tips that will upscale the way you approach your marketing going forward 🤫

5 major takeaways from this episode 👇

Rethinking Pre-saves 💿

Discover why traditional pre-saves might be holding you back and learn how to leverage them for valuable fan data instead. While a stream might only earn you $0.003, obtaining an email address or phone number can lead to much more significant revenue through other avenues such as merch sales or concert tickets.

Optimizing Ads 📈

Learn the best times to start running ads, which types perform best for artists, and how to execute smarter ad campaigns easily. Symphony’s platform simplifies this process, helping you make data-driven decisions without needing extensive marketing expertise.

Centralizing Data 🗄️

Understand the immense power of having all your data—streaming, socials, emails, names, and more—in one place. Megh breaks down how the ownership approach can enhance your marketing efforts and provide deeper insights into your fanbase.

Success Stories 🏆

Sneak peak into how artists like Cash Cobain used Symphony to bridge the gap between online engagement and real-life fan interactions, turning casual listeners into dedicated superfans.

Fan Engagement 🤝

Get inspired with unique ideas to reward your fans for their support and convert them into super fans. Creating a super fan is about making fans feel like part of your journey, and Megh shares practical tips on how to achieve this.

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