Webinar: Best Facebook Account Set Up

Presented by Symphony Playbook Experts

Your Facebook account set up is essential for reaching fans and marketing your music. But a poorly setup profile can offset your efforts before you've started 🧐

Join us on Thursday June 6th, at 5 pm EST for a webinar focused on best practices setting up your Facebook account hosted by Symphony Playbook Experts. We will be breaking down how to overcome the challenges with Facebook to run the best campaigns with results.

Accurate Facebook account setup is crucial for artists, but it’s common to struggle with a poorly setup page that hinders success during marketing. A proper setup allows for:

  • Optimization of ads to reach fans most likely to take your desired actions 📈

  • Full access to elite Symphony features that boost your music marketing performance 🎯

  • Creating ads that feel authentic and drive more engagement 🌟

In this masterclass we will guide you through every essential configuration step. From linking accounts to installing the Facebook Pixel, you'll check all the crucial boxes for success. Don't let an incomplete setup block you from connecting with your biggest fans 🚀

Webinar Details 👇

📅 When: Thursday, June 6th

⏰ Time: 5 PM EST

Tune in monthly as we continue to host webinars diving into different playbooks you can use to make a living off your passion right on Symphony 🚀

See you there!